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Time report & Task settings

Allow “Task Only” Users To Timereport (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Timereport Only Hour Based With Extras (Time Sheet) (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Use Only Extra Activities For The Price If Reported (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Mandatory Timereport Note (FW Classic legacy setting) Use Booking Invoice Options (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Allow Forced Invoice Time In Time Report 
If set to Yes this option will enable a third column on the Time Report window, called To Invoice, which will allow Advanced Users to fill in the amount of hours to be invoiced, overruling the amount of Booked hours as well as the amount of Time Reported hours. If set to No, the Invoice Creator will use the information from the Used column. 

Auto Fill-in Invoiced Time From Used Time 
If set to Yes, the third column in the Time Report will be auto-filled in with the reported Used time. 

Short Time Report button (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Time Report By Actual Time 
Select Yes to Time Report by the actual start and end time that it took to complete the job. If set to No the system will only allow the option to report the total amount of hours that it took to complete the job. 

Show Set Times As Booked Button In The Timereport Window Set to Yes to get the Set All Times As Booked button at the bottom of the Timereport window. By clicking this button, the Used and To Invoice will be filled in with the Booking times. 

Time Report Completion Rule (FW Classic legacy setting) 

Warning When Time Report Not Confirmed Booking 
If the Booking Status is other than Confirmed and a User tries to Time Report it, a message will warn the User about the status, but will allow continuing. 

Booking Breaks 
Define standard Breaks, such as a lunch break, that can be added to the Time Report of Bookings. Click on the green plus icon to add a new Break, define the time, title and choose if the Break should be Auto Included in each Time Report of a Booking by selecting the check-box. In the Time Report window the Break can later still be removed or modified. 

Only Auto Include Breaks When Booking People 
When set to Yes, Breaks flagged as "Auto-Include" (see option above) are only included in the Time Report if a User or a Resource is booked. If set to No, Breaks will be included even when no User or Resource is involved.

Tasks are non chargeable operations that are not linked to Projects. Setup a list with predefined Tasks such as Business Trip, Company Event and Client Meeting. Click on the Add New icon to add a new Task, enter the Name and define a colour for the Task Booking on the Timeline. This list will also be available for Request to choose from. 

Archive Tasks 
Archive all Tasks for a specific year by clicking the corresponding button. After the end of a calendar year, a new button will be automatically be added to allow archiving the corresponding Tasks for the past year. For more information on Archiving please check the Archiving manual.

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