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Contact Details for all Contact types

Double click on a Contact to enter the Contact window. The Contact Detail tab is the same for every type of Contact(Client, Resource, Supplier and Privat Contact).

In the tabs above the last three tabs: Todos, Files and Suppliers Details are the same for all the Contact types. 

Depending on which Contact Type has been selected there are additional tabs available. Check each Contact Type for further details.

Contact Details:

Set all white colored fields per individual Contact. The light yellow coloured fields are fields that are shared by all Contacts belonging to the same Company.

In the Server Setup > Contacts tab > Company Relations, select which fields are to be shared by all Contacts belonging to the same Company.When a new Contact is created and associated with a Company, those fields that have been set as Company related will be automatically filled in with the information already existing in another Contact for this Company.

Fill in the details for the Contact, like address, email and telephone numbers. To edit the name of the Contact or the Company, click on the Name or the Company Name. 

Note: When changing a company name, you are prompted to Rename or Add New Company. Read more.

Scroll down to add information into any Contact Custom Field that has been configured or add any Object Custom Field.

Contact Custom Fields: Will appear below the "Other" field if they have been previously setup in the Server Setup > Contacts tab.

Web Access: Tick this checkbox to give the Contact access to the farmerwife Web Client, calendar subscription like icaland the iOS. In the drop down button next to it, checkout the Preview Invite Email for Contacts. The template is located here: WIFE Server/html_templates/http_session/webuser/invite_email.html.

Set a Permission Profile in the Permission Profile field below to grant the Contact access.

Options in the drop down menu next to Web Access:

Define WebCal Direct URL Key Access: To set the "Direct Key" for Contacts, the Web Access and the setting:T oolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Allow WebCal URL access have to be enabled. This allows for 3rd party calendar tools to subscribe to Events from farmerswife, which use their own user authentication methods. These are per definition not compatible with the ones from farmerswife (e.g. Google Calendar).

Open WebCal Index: Works together with the setting above, once the Direct URL Key Access is given, byclicking on the Open WebCal Index will then open a web browser using this address: http://UrlToServer:HttpPort/webcal/DirectURLKey/index.html. 

For more information about the Web Cal look here.

Permission Profile: Select a Permission Profile which has been previously setup in the Web Profile Manager or click onthe drop down menu to go directly to the Web Profile Manager.

No Web User license will be used when giving a Client Contact Web Access. A Web User license will be used if Web Access is given to a Resource. For more information please see the Web Permission Profile manual. Type: Set the Type of Contact to distinguish between Global, Resource, Client or Private.

Active: Instead of deleting a Contact, it is possible to set the Active to No in order to keep the related info.
Inactive Contacts cannot be assigned Projects.

Object Custom Fields: Click the icon to access the Object Custom Fields. Object Custom Fields can be created in the Object Manager. Those Custom Fields cannot be seen through the Web Client or the iOS whereas the Contact Custom Fields can be seen and accessed. Refer to the Object Manager manual for further information.

ID: It is unique. It is possible to add numbers and/or characters.

It can be used for financial integration and also for the Project Number Format Setup, in Server Setup > Projects tab. See the Server Setup manual for more details.

Category: Different types of Company Categories such as Production Company, Agency, etc can be defined in the Server Setup > Contacts tab. They appear as options to choose from in this field.

Division: (Licensed tool). Set the Division of the Contact here.

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