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Toolbox Booking Templates

Booking Templates make scheduling episodic work and other reoccurring combinations of Bookings simple. As the phases in the production of a series are typically the same for each episode, a Booking Template can be created with the components and duration of the initial schedule and saved as an “episode template”. Once saved, Templates can be reused as needed and configured to automatically find available objects.

Creating a Booking Template
It is either possible to create a new Booking or using an existing one with already involved items and further information in the Booking Custom Fields (if set up accordingly).  To add/create a Booking Template drag and drop the Booking from either the Hourline or the Long Form view onto the Booking Templates tab. It is possible to multi-select various Bookings at the same time.

Enter a name and a description in the appearing window to easily recognize the purpose of the template as it is not possible to open the Booking template from this window. The Note column will show the text added in the description.

If the Booking Template tab is not visible, it has to be enclosed in the Toolbox Menu. Go to theSettings tab, Miscellaneous section, click on Toolbox Menu’s and include Templates under Selected.

Creating Binder Templates
The same principle applies for Binder templates. However, when creating Binder templates farmerswife will ask if the Children (Bookings within) should be included, and when there are Project Markers another message appears asking if those should be included.  

Apply a Booking / Binder Template
To apply an existing Booking Template, load a Project into the Project tree or create a new Project from the Project tree. Then drag the Booking Template onto one day of the Long Form calendar when the Booking Template should start or end. Blue arrows indicating forward or backward appear to select whether the selected day should be the start date or the end date.  Rename the Binder/Booking if needed. See below, an Episode 3 has been added.

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