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Toolbox Requests

Requests are a booking type that can be created by one User and approved by another.

It is used to request vacation or other to an Advanced User with Super User rights. Requests can be created through the farmerswife desktop client or via the web or the iOS.


To be able to Send or Receive a Request the User must have the right Permissions set in their User Profile:

Go to Object Manager / Server Setup > select the User and open the Profile > enter the Permission profile by clicking on the drop down menu and select Edit.

Can Receive Requests: This option is only available for Advanced Users with Task/Bookings/Rates permissions. Set to Yes if this person should receive Requests.

Can Send Requests: Option available for all Users. Set to Yes if the User should be able to send Requests.

Other User Related Permission Settings on Requests

Web Users > Must Select Request Type

A pre-populated list of Requests can be created for the requester to pick from.

The list is the same as the Tasks and is added in the Toolbox.

Create A Request

To create a Request the User must make a Booking on their own timeline > Select Request Type from the list > Select Who to Send the Request to > Confirm the Time In/Out.

Receive A Request

The User who is sent the Request will see it in the Toolbox > Requests window which can be added from Toolbox Settings > Miscellaneous > Toolbox Menus > Requests.

All Requests will appear on the list with a Yellow Triangle for Pending, Green for Accepted and Red for Declined. The Requests will also appear with a little yellow, green or red triangle in the Long Form timeline in the Personnel Tree.

When a Request is received the User can Decline or Accept it. Accepting a Request can also be done by using the options ‘Accept and Book to Project’ or ‘Accept and Booking To Personnel’. 

These two options will accept the Request and create a new Project or Personnel Booking additional to the Request, which leaves a history trail of when the Request was made and what subsequently happened to it and when.

Toolbox > Requests  

To be able to see the Requests tab in the Toolbox, go to the Toolbox Settings tab > Miscellaneous and click on Toolbox Menu's.

Select Requests from the left side and move it to the right side (Selected). Move it up and down depending on which position the Requests should appear in the Toolbox tab bar.

Show Only Pending: Tick this option to only show Pending Requests.

Show Only Today Or Earlier: Tick this option to only show Requests from today or earlier.

Hide Requests Older Than 60 Days: Tick this option to hide Requests older than 60 days.

Sort by Date / Sort by Requester: Tick those options to sort accordingly.

Apply To Multiple: Decline, Accept or Delete multiple Requests in one go by selecting in the Selector window which Requests should be accepted or declined.

Requests actions: Click on the Request line to be able to do the following actions:

Open Task: Opens the Request.

Pending: Sets the Request to Pending. The triangle turns yellow.

Declined: Sets the Request to Declines. The triangle turns red.

Accepted: Sets the Request to Accepted. The triangle turn green.

Delete Request: Deletes the Request.

Edit Request Note: Edits the Request Note.

Accept And Book To Project: When choosing this option the list of all Active Projects appear.  Select one Project or create a new one and a Booking will be created with the Request Details.

Accept and Book To Personnel: When choosing this option the list of all available Personnel Booking types appear. Select one Personnel type and a Booking will be created.

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