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Performance settings

  • De-activate Longform View On Login

Disabled by default. Enable it to get the Long Form deactivated when logging in, to increase the speed of information displayed by the client application.

  • Search With Hyphen Replacing (Slower)

It is recommended to disable this option (default), so the searching will display results faster.

  • Force Maximum Search Hits When Login

To increase the speed of the system, it is recommended to enable this option, so when logging in clients will have a search limit according to the selected under Hits Limit (see below).

  • Force Maximum Search Hits When Login (Advanced Search)

To increase the speed of the system, it is recommended to set this option to Yes (default), so when opening any of the Advanced Searches a search limit applies according to the selected under Hits Limit (see below). There is also the option to select No (But Warn), so you get a warning before proceeding.

  • Hits Limit

Set the maximum hits limit here. Each client can then change this within their client (Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous> Maximum Hits When Searching). But when logging in, it will be re-set to this limit again.

Refer to the Max Hits When Searching article for more details.

  • Force Shutdown

If your farmerswife Server is installed on a PC, it is strongly recommended to configure the “Force Shutdown” option as displayed in the screenshot above, which will automatically shut down the program. By selecting the mode “Restart”, you can choose the time when the program shall be automatically restarted. By default it is set at 4 in the morning. But you can change this according to your needs.

  • Disable Chat

You can disable the chat functionality if is not used, since this will also improve the server performance (see the screenshot above).

  • Collapse Longform Trees On Login

It is recommended to have this option set to YES (see screenshot above). Every time a user logs in, any tree (Project tree, Object tree, Personnel tree, Classes Availability tree) that was showing some elements before logging out will be collapsed, thus improving performance, since the information will only be retrieved once it is needed, i.e. when you click on the tree to open it.

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