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Server License Types

Demo Version

On the first start-up of the Server application, farmerswife will detect that there is ‘No License File’ integrated to the system yet and will ask if it should ‘Run Demo Version’. Click on ‘Yes’ to continue. The demo version is a full functional version of farmerswife which allows 40 startups of the server to run 60 minutes each. 

Evaluation / Pre-Payment / Full License

For an extended test period or if you've already purchased the system please email and add your company name and the local static IP of the machine that is going to host the server software.

The farmerswife license file determines which product version, additional modules and users are available within the system. You need to add them to the Server application. Press ‘Quit’ to stop the farmerswife Server and integrate the license files by copying the ‘license.dat’ and 'license.txt’ files previously received via e-mail to the ’system’ folder located within the 'farmerswife’ folder structure. Follow the instructions from the email you received.

Too Many Active Users / Administrators

If you chose to use a demo database, note that depending on how many farmerswife users are activated through your license, a warning message might appear when starting the Server application. If you have purchased less users than configured in the demo DB, this will trigger the warning message that 'Too Many Active Administrators' and/or 'Too Many Active Users' are setup in the system and you are being informed that the Server application will shut down within 5 minutes. Deactivate some users by accessing the ‘Server Setup’ on the farmerswife Server log window and go to the ‘Users’ tab. To deactivate a user, click on its name, set the 'Active' button to No and click Ok.

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