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How to setup Play for trial

General info

At this time you can only trial Play if you are running farmerswife Server on Windows or Mac.

Starting the trial

Start up the farmerswife Server application and click the “Setup” button:

The right-most server tab is called “Play”.

Click it and then click the “Start Trial!” button:

When asked about which company name to use on, you can use your own company name.

If you’re using the demo database, you might need to type your company name manually.

You’ll be asked which Users should get access to Play from within farmerswife and be able to create new file shares: That’s it! 

Your Play trial is activated.

Click OK to exit server setup and restart the server application. Now log in with your farmerswife Client application as one of the users that you selected in the previous dialog.

Open up a Project from the Toolbox and click on the “eye” menu to show the Play Shares pane:

This brings up the list of shares at the bottom. Click on the “+” button to add a new share:

Fill in the basic details in the “New Share” window:

  1. This is the “Shared To” list. Here you decide who should be notified of the file share. Either check the checkbox next to someone’s name...
  2. ...or type a new email address in the entry field and then press Enter or “Add”. For your first play share, we recommend that you add your own email address.
  3. Press the “Add Files...” button to add a file to the share.
  4. Give the file share a title. Then press OK to create the share!

Now the file will be transcoded if it was a movie. 

Otherwise it will be shared directly. And uploaded to Amazon S3. You can see the status in the “Shares” list:

When the share is published and ready, a notification email will be sent to people you selected in the “Shared To” list:

They can just click on the link to open the share in the web browser:

You can also find the link to the share inside the “Edit Share” window:

You’ve now tried the most basic functionality of farmerswife Play. There’s a lot more to discover!

When you’re ready to move on to the next step, see the documentation called “(to be determined)”or contact farmerswife support.


What happens after the trial expires?

Your file shares will remain the same and accessible to your customers, but you yourself will not be able to access Play from inside farmerswife. You won’t be able to add, edit or delete and file shares on play until your trial has been converted to a full license. There is no obligation to buy Play. If you don’t want to continue using Play, let us know and we’ll delete the account(including all file shares) for you.

What limitations does the trial version have?

You can only upload a max total of 2 GB of data. You can’t upload any single files bigger than 300 MB.

Created/last updated: 2012-12-20

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