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Web Share Day Plan Report

The goal of the "Web Shared Reports" functionality is to simplify the process to display event information from farmerswife on big screens or monitors.

With this feature the "Day Plan" Reports created in the farmerswife Hourline, can be fetched and delivered as a PDF to the screen within a web browser via "direct web URL Reports access" / "public URLs".


  • Working "PDF Print Export Settings" configuration within fw Server > Setup > General tab. 
  • Enable the new setting in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Allow Web Shared Reports.

  • Create Saved Hourline Views
  • Create and design a Day Plan report to be shared or use an existing Day Plan report

Create and Design a Day Plan Report from the Hourline

  1. Click on the Hourline Icon and in the menu select Day Plan

2. This takes you to the Day Plan Print Designer. You can create various Day Plan report templates if you like to have various layouts. To do this click on the green + and give the template a new name. Design the report with your preferred layout. This template can be selected as a Web Shared Report. To design reports see the Print Designer articles. 

3. To  Web Share your Day Plan Report go to the Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup and search for and click the button Web Shared Reports. 

  • To add a shared report click on the green +. 
  • Fill in the fields: 
    • Description: You will be sharing an existing Hourline view so in the field Description you could add a name that corresponds to the content of the view that you will share.
    • Report: This is the type of report that can be shared, currently only possible to select Day Plan. 
    • URL Unique Id: Enter a name to make this report unique. Before adding a Uniqe ID the existing URL (three lines below) will be displayed in red, once you have added a unique name for the URL the field will turn to neutral colour. 
    • PDF Printer: if you have set up multiple printers on your Server General tab you can select the printer, otherwise you will just use the default printer
    • Report Settings: Takes you to Web Shared Report Settings (Day Plan)
      • Select an existing Hourline View
      • Select the Report template you wish to use. 
      • Date: Get From Last URL Segment - there is only this option. (This means that you can force the date, for example when you paste the URL in the browser you could select to show another date than "today" by adding a "/" and then the date in the same format as it is set in the fw Server Setup > General tab. So if your date format is dd-mm-yyyy, then you can add the date to the end of the URL:
      • Click OK
    • In the Web Shared Reports window copy the URL. Click Ok to save the report. 

    • Paste the URL in your web browser. Beware that if you have created a report with landscape format the PDF will still be exported as portrait. In Google Chrome and Firefox it is possible to rotate the image. In Safari it is not.

The Report Displayed in the Web Browser 


In order to "refresh" or "auto-update" these "Web Shared Reports":

- manually use the web browsers "Refresh" option.

- research if the used web browser maybe has a built-in "auto-refresh" setting.

- install a compatible "auto-fresh" plug-in for the used web browser.

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