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Other Budget related settings

  • Allow Adding Directly To Budget Categories: Enabling this option, allows you to add BudgetDetails to Budget Categories. Disable it to only allow adding to Accounts.

  • Budget Operators By Default Added To Actuals: It makes sense to have this option enabled,if you wish to apply the same budget operators to your Actuals view and Invoice view, if thisis including Actuals instead of Active Budget. See more details under Budget Operators.

  • Add Budget Rates To Project Rate Card (Default): Never, Ask, Always: This option is locatedthree settings above the main Budget Settings button (in Server Setup > Financial tab). Selectthe default option to be applied if rates are manually modified in the Budget window."Always" will add the new rates to the Project Rate Card without a warning. "Ask" will first askyou. "Never" if you do not wish to apply Budget Rates to Actuals in the Edit Project window.See further explanations in chapter Adding Budget Rates To Rate Card.

  • Add Budget Discounts To Actuals (Default): This option is located two settings above themain Budget Settings button (in Server Setup > Financial tab). If this option is enabled,discounts added to Budget Details will also be applied to Actuals attached to them. Readmore details under Adding Budget Discounts To Actuals.

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