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Advanced Project Search

Here are a few suggestions of what the Advanced Project Search can be used for. Note that certain uses may depend on how your Farmers WIFE database has been configured. 


  • Tracking current active Project for specific clients 
  • Tracking the invoice status of a Project 
  • Exporting a list of a certain producers Projects 
  • Tracking shoots from a specific location for a given time (Booking Type and Booking Custom Field as configured in Farmers WIFE Advanced) 

Used together with the Financial Reports, the Advanced Search can return information such as: 

  • What was the revenue of a given quarter? 
  • How much was spent by a specific client in a given month? 
  • What is the value of the booked hours next month? 
  • How many hours of a certain Service were done during a given period? 

To generate Financial Reports of the returned results, mark the Project or Projects and right click (ctrl-click on Mac) and select "Financial Reports On…". Refer to the Financial Reports manual for more details.

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