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User Report

User Reports provide all Booking information associated with a User for a specific time period. The User Report can be used to display Time-report status, Vacation or Sick days used, create actualization reports (i.e. Booked versus Used time) and more, depending on the selected variables.  In the Long Form, the User Report can be accessed by clicking on the User icon in the Personnel Tree, Objects Tree, or Hourline Display View. Configure different Reports with specific Event Types from the “User Event Report Settings,” found in the Print Designer by clicking "Options."

User Reports on Multiple Users
To directly print out or create a report on multiple Users for the selected time period, click on the Personnel Tree icon and select 'Reports' from the drop-down menu, then the appropriate sub-selection. In the following pop up window, select Users and sort them as you want them to appear in the Report by clicking either the “User,” “Full Name,” or “Class” header. Then either choose a Template (sub-selection 'User Reports (Print)') or  create a Template (sub-selection 'User Report (Multiple Users)').

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