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Open As Spreadsheet

The Open as Spreadsheet feature is available throughout all the search panes and from within the Print Designer in farmerswife via a Spreadsheet icon at the bottom-right corner.

It allows you to export your search results to a spreadsheet application (the export format is CSV), such as Excel, where you can manipulate the data as needed.

First you need to configure your farmerswife Client with the correct Separator Characters for CSV. As you open the farmerswife Client, click on the Set Up button on the top right corner, and in Locale Settings enter the separators in the according fields. E.g. enter a semicolon (;) in the list separator which will then open the information you export to a spreadsheet into separate columns.

The Decimal (0.00) and Thousand Separator (0,000) are to show the numbers in the correct format on your system.

With a click on the icon next to Locale Settings, farmerswife auto detects the current settings on your computer including the short date form used on your system. Note, that this is a Microsoft® Windows® only feature. In you are using a Mac this setting will allow you to only select the date format.



Example: To get a list of all the Suites in your facility, go to the Object Manager, search for "Suites" and click on the spreadsheet icon at the bottom of the search window. *Note that there is also an icon on the right side of the window available for Object Classes:

As you click on the Spreadsheet icon, a window pops up asking you to Save, Open, or Cancel the Export. The CSV file will open with the application set as default in your machine, in this example it is Excel, and you will be able to work on it as you wish.

In case you have selected the colon (,) as separator character, the CSV file will open with the information squeezed in one column.

To reorder it into separate columns follow these steps:

  • Select the column where all the info is, that is column A, by clicking on the column name, then
  • Click on Data >  Text To Columns…

  • The Convert Text to Columns Wizard opens. In the 1st Step, select the ‘Delimited’ type option:

  • In the 2nd Setp, select ‘Comma’ delimiter:

  • Finally, in the 3rd Step, select ‘General’ column data format and click on Finish.

As a result the information will be separated into different columns allowing you to start working on it as you wish.

If you initially use (;) as separator and all your CSV data is separated, you will want to follow the steps above and choose in Step 2 (,) as separator.

You can change the program that opens CSV files by default in your machine:

  • On Windows, go to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations > wait for the file types to be populated > select CSV extension * > the window will show ‘Details for CSV extension’ – CurrentDefault: … > If you want to change this, click on Change Program > select the program that you want your machine to open CSV files by default with > check the box next to 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file'. Click Ok > click Close. *If there is no CSV extension registered > click on New > enter CSV in File Extension field > click OK.
  • On Mac, place a CSV file on your desktop > press the Ctrl key plus a mouse-click on it > select ‘Open With’ from the appearing drop-down menu > then ‘Other…’ > the ‘Choose Application’ window opens > select the program that you want your machine to open CSV files by default with > select the ‘Always Open With’ option > click on Open.

If some characters are not properly exported, this may be caused by the local spreadsheet program used.

Please try the following steps:

  1. Click on the spreadsheet export button.
  2. In the upcoming window choose 'Save As' and UTF8
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