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Multi-label Printing

Select this function from the Reports icon at the bottom of the Edit Media window.

The Multi-label printing enables the building of templates with a certain layout using multiple labels from the existing list.

Click on the menu icon at the top left corner and the following options will be listed:

Add Label:

Choose which labels to be included in the multi-label print template. Once selected move them to an appropriate position in the main window.

Delete Selected Labels:

Select on one or more labels by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on them. Then select this option to delete them from the current template.

Select All:

To highlight all labels from the current template.

Clear All Sources:

This option will clear the Media information on all labels on the current template.

Show Label Name:

Toggle this option on/off to view/hide the label names from the current template.

Show Coordinates:

Toggle this option on/off to view/hide the label coordinates from the current template.

Lock View Port:

Toggle this option on to turn the auto-zooming off.

In the central top part of the window, under


there are some options for saving templates.

Click on the bar to select among saved templates.

Click on

Server Setup

to manage saved templates. Here the options:


To create a new template.


To save changes to a template.

Modify Setup:

To modify the Orientation; Landscape or Portrait. Type a name, click OK and then from the Printing window select the orientation. On Mac there

s also the option to create a custom page.


To delete a template.

Sort By Name:

To sort template names alphabetically.

At the bottom of the Multi Label Printing window, there are three buttons:


To print out the current template. The Printer window will open to select a printer.

Print Marked:

One or more Labels can be selected by Ctrl-clicking on them in order to only print out the marked ones.


To close the window.
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