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Media Library Search

The Media Library is divided into the Search area at the top and the Results area below it.

The Search area

The Search area is sub-divided into the left side containing all possible search fields for Media, and the right side containing Entry search fields.


Toggling this option off will reduce the amount of search fields.

Search In:

Select the Library where the search is to be performed.


This is to discriminate Media and Entry search results.

Enter the search criteria into the corresponding fields. Once done, hit the Search button on the right side of the screen below the search fields or hit Enter on the keyboard. The results for the search will be displayed in the Results area.

The Results area

Each line in the Results area contains details of information for each Media or for each Entry, and each column corresponds to Media or Entry information (see

option below).

To the left of the Search In option, and depending on the selection under Show, the system will display the word Media or Entry followed by two numbers, separated by a slash. The first number is the quantity of Media or Entries found according to the search criteria. The second number is the total number of Media or Entries in the Library where the search is performed.
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