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Archiving in farmerswife

To ensure that farmerswife is able to run optimally, it is necessary, as with most software applications, to periodically archive old information that is not being used frequently anymore. This will reduce the size of the database significantly and improve the farmerswife Server performance and speed of the system. You will always be able to easily restore archived information whenever needed and re-archive it again.

Archiving in farmerswife can/should be used for Closed and/or Invoiced Projects, completed Tasks and Done Media Orders.

Projects and Media Orders can be archived from within the farmerswife Client application. Only Projects , for which all Timereports
have been completed and all Work Orders and Media Orders are Done should be closed and archived.

Completed Tasks however have to be archived from within the farmerswife Server application in the Server Setup under the Bookings tab.

The Archiving function will archive Bookings, Extras, Work Orders and Virtual Bookings within a Project. However, Project related Media Orders are not archived along with the Project and need to be archived separately.

The archived information is extracted from farmerswife proprietary database 'current45.efdb' and stored in separate files within the 'archives' folder. By doing so, the size of the database is reduced and unused data from the past removed from the 'system' folder, thus improving performance of the whole system.

Once a Project or Media Order has been archived its status changes from Closed,  Done/ Invoiced to Archived. The Users will always be able to easily find and restore closed and archived Projects, Tasks and Media Orders, in order to reuse and review the stored data.

Archived Bookings, Media Orders and Tasks are not shown in the timeline and do not contribute information to the Financial Reports Designer. Therefore, it is recommended to archive only old Projects from the previous year, depending on each workflow.

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