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Hot Keys Hard Coded and Hotkeys Editor To Create Your Own

N.B. If Caps Lock has been enabled on Mac, then the Command + V combination, will not allow you to paste text into a text-based field

Windows HOT KEYS (shortcuts)                                                                          

Select All (in tables)  
Ctrl + A
Multiple selection
Shift + click on table rows
Multiple selection + action
Shift + click on table rows. Hold Shift and drag & drop items (e.g. multiple Objects from Toolbox on ‘Hourline’ name or on ‘Objects’ Tree.
Hourline Navigation (Day/Week Mode)  
left/right arrows
Long Form Navigation 
Alt + left/right arrows
Copy Booking
Ctrl + left click
Trim duration of a Booking (all Objects involved)  
Shift + drag & drop Booking
Trim duration of one Object in a Booking
Ctrl + Shift + d & d Booking (in this order)
Date + User stamp
Ctrl + D
Expand a ‘Note’ field (place cursor in Note field)    
Ctrl + E
 Return To Current Day/Today (from Hourline tab)Home
 Hide/Show Toolbox    Space

Create your own with the Hotkeys Editor

To create your own Hot keys, go to the Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous, and scroll till you see the button Hotkeys Editor. Click to open the Hotkeys Editor. You need to select a Master Key - Control or Alt. Next select a combination key, which can be a number or a letter. In the dropdown under Functionality select the functionality that the Hot key should apply to. Lastly click on Add to actually create the Hot key, and then OK.  

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