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Import a bunch of Objects

The Import/Export farmerswife Objects Format CSV File functionality is useful for importing new Objects into farmerswife, or for modifying values of existing Objects, by using a csv file (in Excel or Numbers).


  • Start by exporting a list of Objects from the Object Manager, so you can work on the exported file and add new Objects there or modify the exported ones.
  • Go to the Object Manager, highlight at least one Object, and from the drop-down menu choose Import/Export farmerswife Objects Format CSV File > Export.
  • As the CSV file opens, use it to fill in the missing Objects, under the corresponding columns.
  • When you are done, save the Excel or Numbers file to a csv file (make sure you select the option to save it as a Windows Comma Separated (csv) file if you work on a Mac, otherwise the import won’t work). 
  • Make sure that in the Object Manager > drop-down menu > Import/ Export farmerswife Objects Format CSV file > Update Object Name If Matches When Importing is turned OFF before you do the import. This setting was developed for clients that use the same csv file, without farmerswife's ID numbers and re-import the same csv file more than once. This setting must always be turned off if you respect the import and export workflow in farmerswife.



  • Now, start the import by clicking on the drop-down menu, and now select Import/Export farmerswife Objects Format CSV File > Import
  • Select the csv file and make sure the column separator is set correctly. Easy rule: if it doesn't work with a comma, try the semicolon. 
  • The Default Type To Create New Objects In When Not Defined In File window will pop up prompting you to define the column type (User, Resource, Suite, Object Class…) for those Objects that did not get a type defined in the csv (suggestion, add  the type in the csv before the import).  If the column Type is filled, it doesn't matter which option is chosen in this window. 
  • As the import is done, a new window will show how many Objects have been imported or updated, and the Object Manager will show the latest imported Objects. Please check the numbers of items you want to import in the csv file and compare to the updated Object message you will receive in farmerswife.
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